Aspiring to motivate cross-sector cooperation on gender equality in international security

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Looking for a recent grad with a knack for writing for an audience (incl. grant writing), streamlining workflow, and analysis using traditional and emerging methods (with Japanese fluency, French competency)? Look no further.

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My skills and specialties include Writing, Editing, Political Psychology, Japanese/English/French, SPSS, R, SQL. I have experience in international development, political risk and business management, disarmament advocacy, and political affairs.

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My portfolio showcases just a glimpse into my experience and interests, and I’d love to learn yours. Please reach out to connect!

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This is the most authentic version of myself. Behind me is a friend’s friend, that I (forcefully, lovingly) befriended. In front of me is a mentor and dear friend, miles apart but for whom I will drag suitcases across New York for. On me is a Banana Republic suit jacket that I bought at an outlet, without a matching pant, specifically to pair with my many business casual dresses. I am at the inaugural event with my most cherished group I’ve started, panelist-inspired and grateful for peers who built with me and listened with me. So, hello. This is me, Haruka, a Japanese, women’s empowerment-inclined, soft-spoken yet bossy, often too on time and too dressed up, fresh grad out of the oven called University.

As you can tell, I am no Alcott, Lahiri or Plath, and produce words that dance (confusedly) fairy-like, smile like the sun, and drift together like cotton candy. I plan to let them dance, and drift, and smile freely, and hope you’ll amuse me and share your feedback.

I hope to use this website as a place to share my experience cloaked rightly in my words, delivered with nuance, care, and precision. In the sea of blogs and portfolios, I hope to point my little light amongst the million to nuance, vagueness, to grey zones.

At this point in life (March 2021), I have had the fortune of leading over 10 student organizations across oceans, working 4 jobs, and building an array of bridges, burning them, and finding solace in the water nearby. Here’s to floating my thoughts and refining them by setting them on water. And here’s to you, for sending back that thought-floating-particle with your layers and flavors.


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harukanoishiki@gmail.com –> email me with a little bit about yourself, any relevant orgs/projects, and how we can work together!

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Thank you for reading. Thoughts and stances expressed in writing on this website are my own and do not represent that of any of my affiliations including organizations and employers past and present.

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